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amirul imran Monday, December 28, 2009 ,

Salam Islam to all….
As usual,, I want to share with u all about movie I watched since last week…
1) Liar game (Japanese drama); it is about a girl who is stupidly honest and never betray others. (even she found only 1 cent, she still make a police’s report).. One day,, she has been pushed to join a liar game that pushed the players to cheat and steal others’ money.. as she don’t know to cheat others, she ask a swindler to help her.. (Score; 8/10)

2) Mr. brain (Japanese drama); a drama about a man who become clever after he has an accident that caused is brain damaged a little.. He also has become a neurologist of Institute of Police Science and he has help d police department to solve lots of cases.. (Score; 9/10)

3) Last friend (Japanese Drama); a drama about a woman who loves her girlfriend very much.. She try to love her as a friend only, but she can’t as she has gender disorder.. She always protects her girlfriend from a man who always hit her girlfriend. This drama shows us d value of friendship.. (Score; 7/10)

4) Orphan (English movie); a woman has lost her baby when d baby is still in her tummy.. Thus, she decide to adopt an 9 years old orphan for curing her sadness.. However, d adopted orphan is not actually a 9 years old girl as she is already 33 years old grown woman.. She looks like a young girl because she has rare hormone disorder.. She also a violent person who has killed all her family by burning her house.. (Score; 8/10)

5) Jennifer’s Body (English movie); a woman has been killed by a music band as d music band want to perform a Satan ritual that need them to use a virgin body.. although d ritual is success and they become more popular, d woman has become vampire as she is not virgin anymore during d ritual.. (Score; 5/10)

Watched movie that I forgot to post it in this blog before…

1) nobuta wa produce (Japanese drama).. I watched this movie right after I had finished to watch d 1 liter of tears.. this drama is about a school girl who always been bullied by her friends.. thus,, her 2 best friends try to help her by making her to become a popular student there… best phrase; 今、手をつないでいるその人に出会えたのはキセキのような、かくりつです。光の中に出ても、その手をはなすことのないように。(Now, d hands that u hold is a miracle. Even u go into d light, don’t release d hands(Score; 8/10)

2) code blue (Japanese drama).. Drama that I watched 2 months ago.. it is about a group of doctor who want to be a HELLY doctor.. nothing much to say about this drama,, but for me,, it is a a great drama.. (Score; 9/10)

3)Galileo (Japanese drama).. I watched it 2 months ago.. it is about a lecturer who has been called as Galileo by others as he is very smart in Physics.. due to that,, he has helped d police to solve lots of cases.. (Score; 8/10).. 

4) drumline (English movie).. watched 4 months ago… this movie is about a person who is very talented in playing snare drum and has been chosen to enter a musical university.. although he can not read d music note, he has helped his university to win in a competition.. (Score 8/10)

program anak yatim...

amirul imran Sunday, August 30, 2009
assalamualaikum.. kali ni aku nak kongsi srba sedikit ttg aktiviti amal yg aku sertai scr sukarela brsama2 ngan kwn2 aku yg lain pada hari ini n semalam....

kitaorng telah bertolak dari TBP pd pukul 10.30 n smpai kat Masjid Jamek Makmuriah pd pukul 12.30... masjid ini tlh mnjadi tmpar tidur n rehat kami for d 2 days... after performing our zohor prayer,, kitaorng tlh dibhagikan kpd 5 kmpln n stiap kmpln kena kmpul sebanyk mungkin mklumat dari anak2 yatim di rumah anak yatim sg besar... stlh menziarahi rumah anak yatim tersebut,, kitaorng tlh dibawa mlawat ke tmpat mmproses baja dari cacing... then,, kitaorng kmbali smula ke masjid tadi untk bersiap2 berbuka puasa bersama2 anak2 yatim sekitar sungai besar.. malam tu kitaorng tlh adakan qiam dngn anak2 yatim tadi n selesai subuh,, kitaorng tlh bergerak ke rumah anak yatim yg kedua di batu 36 untuk mngadakan sedikit gotong royong..

yg 2 org ni bukan anak ytim tau...


amirul imran Saturday, February 28, 2009

During the ancient of time, people used to use shells, gold, silver, and cowls, to name a few, as a trading medium. Nowadays, we use money which is also called 'green stuffs' or 'ka-ching'. Every country has its own currency; Malaysia with Ringgit Malaysia, America with U.S Dollar, Thailand has its own Bath and Europe countries come to the idea of using only one currency,Euro.. Whatever it is, we all know that money means a lot and every human on Earth wishes to have it in big amount in their pocket.

There goes a saying, 'money cant buy happiness'. Yes, it's true. But with money, we buy things that can make us happy. Anyone of you does not feel delighted to have a Louis Vuitton handbag? Or perhaps a private jet? Or maybe a penthouse situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur? Well people, admit it. Money brings a kind of satisfaction. An indescribable one.

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