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amirul imran Saturday, February 28, 2009

During the ancient of time, people used to use shells, gold, silver, and cowls, to name a few, as a trading medium. Nowadays, we use money which is also called 'green stuffs' or 'ka-ching'. Every country has its own currency; Malaysia with Ringgit Malaysia, America with U.S Dollar, Thailand has its own Bath and Europe countries come to the idea of using only one currency,Euro.. Whatever it is, we all know that money means a lot and every human on Earth wishes to have it in big amount in their pocket.

There goes a saying, 'money cant buy happiness'. Yes, it's true. But with money, we buy things that can make us happy. Anyone of you does not feel delighted to have a Louis Vuitton handbag? Or perhaps a private jet? Or maybe a penthouse situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur? Well people, admit it. Money brings a kind of satisfaction. An indescribable one.

There is also another saying, 'money is not everything'. But for me, money is something. Do you think you would be happy to live with your loved one by your side, under a small hut, without comfort? Don't lie because you just can't feel happy. Don't you think your day would be more beautiful, pretty divine to have your beloved partner, with you both enjoying your day in luxury? Agree with me, money is the thing.

To add on, money today is a power factor. The society classes person's status according to the money and properties he or she has. People tend to say, 'no money, no talk'. Once we have the money, the power is in our hand. As easy as ABC, every single thing that you wish to be, will definitely be. This happens because when you pay people, people will just follow without much hesitation.

Money and properties as power factors is nothing unusual as it had started since long time ago. during the era of Shih Huang Ti, he had forced the men to build The Great Wall of China. How could the people follow his order, haven't you thought of it? They weren't paid to arrange the blocks, but they were afraid of their emperor, Shih Huang Ti. And how could Shih Huang Ti got so powerful? Easy, it started with money.

So people, in the nut shell, money is the ,key to power, respect and status.

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