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amirul imran Monday, December 28, 2009 ,

Salam Islam to all….
As usual,, I want to share with u all about movie I watched since last week…
1) Liar game (Japanese drama); it is about a girl who is stupidly honest and never betray others. (even she found only 1 cent, she still make a police’s report).. One day,, she has been pushed to join a liar game that pushed the players to cheat and steal others’ money.. as she don’t know to cheat others, she ask a swindler to help her.. (Score; 8/10)

2) Mr. brain (Japanese drama); a drama about a man who become clever after he has an accident that caused is brain damaged a little.. He also has become a neurologist of Institute of Police Science and he has help d police department to solve lots of cases.. (Score; 9/10)

3) Last friend (Japanese Drama); a drama about a woman who loves her girlfriend very much.. She try to love her as a friend only, but she can’t as she has gender disorder.. She always protects her girlfriend from a man who always hit her girlfriend. This drama shows us d value of friendship.. (Score; 7/10)

4) Orphan (English movie); a woman has lost her baby when d baby is still in her tummy.. Thus, she decide to adopt an 9 years old orphan for curing her sadness.. However, d adopted orphan is not actually a 9 years old girl as she is already 33 years old grown woman.. She looks like a young girl because she has rare hormone disorder.. She also a violent person who has killed all her family by burning her house.. (Score; 8/10)

5) Jennifer’s Body (English movie); a woman has been killed by a music band as d music band want to perform a Satan ritual that need them to use a virgin body.. although d ritual is success and they become more popular, d woman has become vampire as she is not virgin anymore during d ritual.. (Score; 5/10)

Watched movie that I forgot to post it in this blog before…

1) nobuta wa produce (Japanese drama).. I watched this movie right after I had finished to watch d 1 liter of tears.. this drama is about a school girl who always been bullied by her friends.. thus,, her 2 best friends try to help her by making her to become a popular student there… best phrase; 今、手をつないでいるその人に出会えたのはキセキのような、かくりつです。光の中に出ても、その手をはなすことのないように。(Now, d hands that u hold is a miracle. Even u go into d light, don’t release d hands(Score; 8/10)

2) code blue (Japanese drama).. Drama that I watched 2 months ago.. it is about a group of doctor who want to be a HELLY doctor.. nothing much to say about this drama,, but for me,, it is a a great drama.. (Score; 9/10)

3)Galileo (Japanese drama).. I watched it 2 months ago.. it is about a lecturer who has been called as Galileo by others as he is very smart in Physics.. due to that,, he has helped d police to solve lots of cases.. (Score; 8/10).. 

4) drumline (English movie).. watched 4 months ago… this movie is about a person who is very talented in playing snare drum and has been chosen to enter a musical university.. although he can not read d music note, he has helped his university to win in a competition.. (Score 8/10)
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